Red Sweater Lullaby, a rock band based out of Las Vegas, NV will be releasing their first full length on September 9, 2014. “Pins and Needles” is a voyage in to the honest and engaging world of frontman Kris Rochelle. Drawing on influences like Weezer, Cursive and various 90’s bands, this record showcases an obvious evolution of songwriting by Kris.


The songs on the record range anywhere between 9 years to just a few months old. This record is really special to me because there are pieces of my life and my heart in each song.”, said Kris. Themes of love, loss and reckless ambition layered atop fuzzed out alt rock anthems reflect a well worn journey in the making of this record.


My music doesn't really have an agenda, I guess. Personally, I want people to pack as much into the stream of life as they can and also to enjoy their time as much as possible. Whether or not the music speaks to that I couldn't tell you; it definitely isn't written to coax them in one direction or the other. If a listener has an experience, I'm honored. ”, declared Rochelle.


Red Sweater Lullaby was started by Kris Rochelle (Listener, Stolen Nations) in 2012 and has been touring and recording for the past 2 years. Their previous 6 song EP “Norrtälje” was recorded entirely on an iPad while overseas in Sweden.


(Excerpt from Standards and Practices Press Release 2014)