Pins and Needles

Pins and Needles is the first full length album by Red Sweater Lullaby. It is a rock and roll album. Available for purchase on CD and 150 gram ultra clear with black splatter vinyl in the RSL store. 

Christin Nelson says:

"It's a good album. Go buy it."


Dan Smith says: 

"Pins and needles is a post apocalyptic look, right now, at what music is and is going to be for the rest of human existence. It is the quintessential statement about our condition...the living the dying, where we came from and where we will go." 

The Norrtälje EP Project

The Norrtälje EP began as a collection of song demos that I had stored in my phone. These demos ranged from December of 2009 to September 2013. I really like these songs but hadn't ever taken the time to do anything with them. I had a three week break at the end of a tour where I would be staying with a special friend who lives in Sweden. Then I had an idea. The idea was that I would record these songs onto my iPad while she was at work using only what I had at my disposal, which happened to be a plastic harmonica and a dusty acoustic guitar. Everything was recorded straight into the iPad microphone and mixed on earbuds. It was a fun project with established limitations and parameters. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed making it.